Ejari Rental Agreement

With the implementation of this regulatory system, RERA, Dubai`s real estate supervisory authority, wants to transform established leasing practices into an appropriate legal framework. In addition, the registration of a lease agreement with Ejari allows both parties to have a common knowledge and understanding of the contract itself, especially in the event of a dispute. I am a tenant and I am temporarily abroad. Can you help me register the contract? Yes of course. Ejari-Online.com is especially useful for guests who travel or stay abroad. You don`t have to be physically present in Dubai or visit a rental agency to process your application. Just register your contract with Ejari here online. What is Ejari? According to rera from March 14, 2010, each tenant and landlord must register their rental and rental agreements through EJARI. Ejari is an electronic registration system, accessible on the internet, designed exclusively for the implementation of legal requirements and the vision and mission of establishing a strong regulatory system of control of the rental market in the Emirate. This regulatory system was put in place to protect the rights of all rental players.

Is there a simple way to do this, since only the price of the rental has changed? From March 2010, all Dubai real estate leases will ideally need to be registered through the online portal Ejari. Ejari is an online registration system initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that requires the registration of all rental or rental contracts in Dubai on this portal. [1] The main reason behind this system is the legalization of the otherwise unpleasant relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai. As of March 14, 2010, RERA has required owners to enter basic details such as rental agreements and real estate details on this portal. Each entry is assigned by the system to a single barcode for future references. Ejari will put an end to abuses in the rental sector by ensuring transparency of the entire procedure for all parties involved.