Epsca Travel Agreement

Contractors are required travelGridData.initial_travel_messages to comply with the terms of these agreements while working at Hydro One sites. (Note: Union Hall Distances used only to calculate the amount of arrival/return and travel time) Form B → provisions of collective agreements does not apply; Some trades allow the use of road distance in the calculation of travel expenses. If you enable this option, the Google Maps algorithm can take into account the 407 roads and other toll roads, while calculating an optimal route. The declaration and destination form describes collective agreements and wage plans in place in the area in which the work is performed. The purpose of this page is to provide successful bidders and/or contractors with important information as part of the Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA) process and to facilitate access to collective agreements and salary plans. All questions regarding the following information should be directed to Hydro One.Bidding`s workforce acquisition department for a Hydro One Tender or Request for ProposalThe EPSCA process begins when Hydro One`s Workforce Service (CEF) receives a „work application form“ from the project manager. The location and nature of the work as well as the monetary value, the hours of work in the field and the trades to be used are taken into account in determining the work. There are two possible provisions for work needs: there are currently 18 (18) different collective agreements of the Electrical Power Systems Construction Association (EPSCA). These agreements are negotiated and managed by EPSCA on behalf of Hydro One and its contractors.

Contractors are required to comply with the terms of these EPSCA agreements while working at Hydro One sites. You will find the following agreements and their compensation plans on the EPSCA website: as a result of these agreements, Hydro One has collective agreements directly with the construction unions (BTU): Collective agreements can be governed by specific rules. If multiple travel rates are returned through the tool, only the appropriate fare must be applied. The route is based on the shortest optimal route generated by Google Maps. North/South of the French River is approached on the basis of a line of the best fit and can not be 100% accurate for locations near the river. As soon as Inergi`s offer has been received, the CEF is informed and in turn sends a letter to the successful bidder indicating that we have been informed that they will carry out the work as part of the contract.